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Our traditional greenhouses have the ability to provide year-round production for vegging, growing, harvesting and utilizing the space as a garden, farm, gardening center, farm supply outpost, & more. Perfect for organic farming and gardening, greenhouse growing gives insurances that decrease many issues that Mother Nature provides.

Standard Greenhouse Features

Galvanized Steel Frame

  • 7' Height
  • 4' Spacing between hoops
  • 3 Purlins running the length of the frame
  • 1⅜” OD 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • One solid end wall
  • One 8’ X 8’ tractor access door

Polyethylene Triple Matted Matrix Covering (clear)

  • Manufactured using a blend of the best virgin polyethylene resins.
  • Protected in between two thick sided polyethylene layered and bonded together. The inner strength is identified as the matted matrix (denier polyester gridding).
  • Strength viewed by (1k poly string forte), that can be used for a variety of commercial applications.
  • 3-5 year grading of use while maintaining first-rate light transmission.

Physical Guided Roll-up Sides

  • Effortlessly regulate the amount of ventilation coming in & through our traditional Greenhouses.
  • Limitless height regulations to ensure all heights are accessible.

Constructing Requirements:

  • 2-3 person setup is strongly suggested.  
  • 2 -7 day construction time, (pending on size of structure)

*Baseboards and anchoring not included.

Greenhouses made in the USA. Commercial or personal greenhouses that are built to last.

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