Menu is a commercial greenhouse provider & consultant. We provide all in one greenhouse sales, construction, consulting, & financing. We guarantee the greenhouse products and services that we provide are the best in the commercial agriculture equipment industry.

Specializing in automated black out greenhouses (light deprivation greenhouses), traditional greenhouses, greenhouse hybrids, & greenhouse accessories. When farming or gardening organically these greenhouses are the perfect solution. If you are looking to grow year round with multiple harvest, these greenhouses streamline the process for you to do so. 

The commercial greenhouse black out tarps, covers, & clear transparent tarps  are made from top quality virgin polyurethane material. The polyurethane tarps are flexible, durable , & strong enough for modern farming & gardening needs. The superiority of the greenhouse tarps/coverings is listed at the very top in its class. Tested to ensure weather ability in all climates, altitudes, & terrains. These greenhouse covers are built for rugged use and long lasting capabilities.

Our greenhouse frames are made from strong galvanized steel. With a protective zinc coating over all of our steel frame parts. This guarantees protection from greenhouse corrosion on the framework. With guaranteed protection on the frame the life of our greenhouse frames have a longer life span then our competitors. Also the steel is fully protected even if the frame gets dinged or scratched the galvanized outer coating will protect with in an abraded services within the frame. The greenhouse frames are heavy duty, to be able to hang artificial lighting sources from them if needed.

The Traditional Greenhouse is designed to protect your gardening and farming from the elements while still receiving natural sunlight. With manual roll up sides and reinforced ends the simplicity and quality come together to create a greenhouse built to last for years to come.

Our auto blackout greenhouse feature/component is a patent pending design that makes greenhouse gardening or farming that much better. Light deprivation is becoming extremely popular. With the ability to have a harvest in less time than tradition gardening or farming it increase return on investment with less down time. Light dep. greenhouses come with a motor running on either (AC or DC ) power that takes up very little space with a durable weather proof cover making the process happen in a blink of an eye. The digital panel interface makes for ease of use without complicated digital dynamics. By having the light depravation ability with your greenhouse the options and opportunities grow exponentially. Light dep. greenhouses give the option to grow year round as well as creating a solid structured greenhouse that can house artificial lighting. You can grow 100% without any sunlight if you’re gardening or farming techniques, lead you to do so.

Greenhouse options are vast. Especially when you’re working with a company that just does greenhouses. With the ability to have a traditional greenhouse, light deprivation greenhouse, or hybrid option, the opportunity to farm or garden the way you want is made easy. The hybrid option allows you to have half of your greenhouse as a traditional greenhouse while the other half can be utilized as a black out greenhouse (light dep. greenhouse). The hybrid option gives you the ability to garden and harvest with multiple processes going on in the same greenhouse structure. Keeping the flow of farming or gardening systematic and efficient.

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