Auto Light Deprivation Greenhouses For Sale

Why Light Deprivation Greenhouses?

Save costs, increase harvest profits, reduce carbon footprint, and eliminate the need for high-powered grow lights; when utilizing the process of light deprivation (or light dep) it gives the grower more control over the environment and quality of their plants. Putting plants on a 12 and 12 light cycle (12 hours of light | 12 hours of dark) allows for an earlier flower than what’s typical with a natural light cycle. Our fully automated light dep greenhouses give you the ability to control the length of time your plants are exposed to sunlight with ease, resulting in more timely harvests, allowing for multiple harvests in a farming year, and an increase in yields.

Our fully automated system brings a new ease to the process of light depravation; no more spending time pulling strings to cover your green house. Our automated system has been designed to run off an AC or DC power source. The connecting panel works as simple as flipping on an on/off switch in your house. The motor and panel are designed to be ultra-resilient to withstand weathering. Our black out coverings are extremely durable with a unique design allowing for easy breathability, they have been given a 3-5 year life rating.

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