Hybrid Greenhouses

Hybrid greenhouses are the real deal. They are your full system continuum for all indoor gardening and farming. What gives hybrid greenhouses their name is a percent of the greenhouse is a traditional greenhouse while the rest of the greenhouse is a light dep. Greenhouse. This allows for vegging and small plants to start their life cycle in the traditional greenhouse portion while the adolescent and mature plants are in the light dep. greenhouse portion. Other industries may call a product like this an all-in-one because that’s exactly what a hybrid greenhouse was designed to be. From seed to flower, fruit, or vegetable everything can be done in greenhouse structure.

When deciding on a hybrid greenhouse

One of the first items to think about is layout. How much space do you need dedicated for a standard greenhouse and how much space do you need dedicated for a light dep. greenhouse. Once you have that decided on, everything else falls into place just like if you were buying any other type of greenhouse. Hybrid greenhouses can be custom built to specific portioned layouts, if need be. Do not settle for a layout the does not match your specific needs. Especially when custom sizes can be manufactured upon request.

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