Greenhouses for Sale - Semi Gable, Hoop Frames, & More

Our greenhouses are manufactured and sold in Oregon and designed for the very best gardening and farming of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and plants. Our sizes vary from small greenhouses typically used for vegging, to very large (100 feet in length) greenhouses with full harvest in mind. 

Our greenhouses can be used for commercial and home gardens and farms. Modern gardeners and farmers alike are integrating the newest and most sophisticated technologies into greenhouses to ensure the very best plant production and harvest. Designed to be able to house cooling fans, heaters, vacuums, LED lighting, and more, there is nothing that cannot be added to our greenhouses. 

Our greenhouses have been designed with ease in mind with the ability to be divided into different sections for growing a variety of plants. The greenhouse can also be divided for the purpose of having different life cycles growing systematically at the same time, allowing for a continuous cycle of plants from veg to harvest. 

Developed with virgin polyethylene, our premium plastic coverings utilize polyethylene resins merged into a solid configuration also known as the outer skin. The outer skin protects a gridded pattern of 1000 denier polyester alignment. A third coat is pressed in to ensure security, strength, and protection from the elements. Although our coverings are heavy duty the plastic is still translucent to ensure the very best light transmission for your plants year round. The rating for our covering is 3-5 years of use in almost all environments, terrains, and locations. 

Why Greenhouses? 

There are many variables in an outdoor environment that can impede a fruitful harvest, these include excessive temperature increases and decreases, rain, wind, mildew/mold, foreign contaminates, pests/bugs, animals, and poor lighting levels. Because of these risks, more gardeners and farmers are investing in greenhouses, allowing greater control and protection from outside elements, to ensure they’re growing in an environment conducive to maximum yield. Growing in an enclosed environment, doesn’t mean you can’t still use natural elements to your advantage. The use of predatory mites and lady bugs is still an option and has been deemed successful in greenhouse growing. You can choose to have your plants placed in raised soil beds or dug into the ground using natural placement of dirt and soil and drainage.

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