Greenhouse Accessories

If you currently have a greenhouse and are looking to update or modify your setup, you might be interested in some of the accessories we have available. To determine what you might need, first decide what the best environment for you to be growing in is.

Do you need a standard greenhouse, or are you looking into a light dep (blackout) setup? Break down your greenhouse into the main components: galvanized steel frames, premium plastics and coverings, venting (intake fans and exhaust), light traps, automated motor and control box, maybe some heating for off season growing, and other key components are available here.

Greenhouses are designed to withstand the test of time so often all that’s needed is an update or modification to keep up with the latest technology and breakthroughs in modern gardening and farming. A greenhouse can always be made better through efficiency and ease of use. Our manufacturing facility is located in Northern Oregon.

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