High Quality & Affordable Greenhouses with Auto Light Dep options

Light Dep Greenhouse is a premium greenhouse provider and consultant. Specializing in automated light deprivation (or “blackout”) greenhouses, traditional greenhouses, greenhouse conversions, and greenhouse accessories. If you are looking to increase your harvests and lengthen your growing season our greenhouses are the perfect solution to all your gardening/farming needs.

Our greenhouse covers are made from top quality virgin polyurethane material, made to be flexible, yet strong for modern farming/gardening needs. Tested to ensure weather ability in all climates, altitudes, and terrains, these greenhouse covers are built for rugged use and long lasting capabilities. Our greenhouse frames are made from strong galvanized steel with a zinc coating to protect the frame from dings or scratches.

The zinc coating also protects from corrosion on the greenhouse framework, providing a longer life span than our competitors. The greenhouse frames are heavy duty, made to be able to support hanging artificial lighting sources from them if needed.

Our available Greenhouse options are vast; offering a traditional greenhouse, light deprivation greenhouse, or conversion option, the opportunity to farm or garden the way you want is made easy. The Traditional Greenhouse is designed to protect your plants from the elements while capitalizing on natural sunlight. With manual roll up sides and reinforced ends the simplicity and quality come together to create a greenhouse built to last for years to come.

You can also easily convert your current standard greenhouse into an auto light dep set up with our conversion kits. Our new fully automated light deprivation (blackout) greenhouse is designed to be the most efficient growing environment. Light deprivation is becoming extremely popular among growers; with the ability to harvest in less time than traditional gardening/farming allows, it increases return on investment with less down time.

Our light dep greenhouses come with a small motor (able to run on either AC or DC) with a durable weather proof cover. The digital panel interface makes for ease of use without complicated digital dynamics. Light dep greenhouses give the option to grow year round via natural light, as well as creating a solid structured greenhouse that can house artificial lighting.

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